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Riva & Gambler Mustang Extreme Makeover

Congratulations to Riva for her 6th place win in the Mustang Heritage Extreme Makeover competition! The competition consisted of three classes, Handling and Conditioning, Pattern, and Trail. Riva was announced in the Top Ten placement Friday afternoon after the Trail class, and was standing at 5th over all. Gambler was cool as a cucumber for his trail class, and good as gold throughout the competition. Saturday morning Riva and Gambler showed off Gambler’s favorite move, the sliding stop, in the Reining pattern. This score combined with their Freestyle Saturday night determined placings in the Top Ten. Everything worked like clockwork Saturday night in the finals as friends and family helped to set up the props and music for Riva and Gambler’s freestyle. What a performance! From working the flag to sitting and playing Poker, Gambler was partner to Riva’s creative and talented choreography. Thank you to everyone who showed up to cheer her from the stands, complete with signs! We all held our breath for the auction because the most important prize of the day would be for Gambler to go home with Riva. It was a bit close, but she won him back!

Riva is Extremely Thankful for everyone who made this possible:

Aaron England
Troy England
Michelle Brooks
Julia Mason
Briana Bachus
Ginny Bailey
Damon Finestead
Jack and Sarah Lieser
Matt Brown
Betsi Bixby
Jodi Boman Brassard Equine Acupressure

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