Englands Versatile Horsemanship

Aaron England

Aaron England has had a lifelong passion to learn what makes a horse tick. He has spent more than 20 years refining his training abilities. He spent three years with Leon Harrel, a World Champion Cutting trainer, and from 1997 to 2002 he trained with natural horsemen, Pat Parelli and Ronnie Willis, achieving the highest level of horsemanship available in Pat’s program. After completing his internship with Leon Harrel, Aaron developed his own program, England’s Versatile Horsemanship.

Aaron continues to show and train champion cutting horses, while helping riders, in all disciplines, achieve their dreams with their horses. His program allows students to learn true finesse with their horses. He is an innovator in the equine industry with his ability to apply a natural approach in training theory and technique to produce proven results, whether just in your backyard or to the highest levels of competition.

An outstanding example of Aaron’s success in starting horses is seen with DK Smart Mate, a stallion Aaron started and went on to win the APCHA National Championship, the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo, and the Cherry Leader Memorial Cutting. A few examples of Aaron’s achievements include, being chosen to represent and demonstrate the Nokota horses at the 2010 World Games in Lexington, Kentucky. He has also earned the NCHA Achievement Award and was nominated in 2011 for the NCHA Zane Shulte Award.

Today, Aaron is putting his dream into practice to promote his natural philosophy of training, hoof care, and feeding. While training and showing quality Cutting Horses in competition, Aaron also conducts numerous clinics and workshops each year throughout the United States; Versatile Horsemanship, Colt Starting, Educational Trail Rides, and Cow Working to name a few.


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