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We emphasize three areas in our natural approach to horsemanship. Training, Nutrition, and Natural Hoof Care. What do we mean when we say “natural”? Well, there are two approaches to horses; as a partner or as a predator. Predatory methods are based on fear tactics, pressure without communication, and using equipment first to solve problem behaviors. It requires horses to fit into our world. When we say Natural, we mean approaching horses as a partner, using their psychology and communication to facilitate understanding. With this approach we help the horse adjust to our world, but we understand their needs and natural instincts first.

Before a horse can perform the tasks we ask of them, they must be physically capable, so we must consider their nutrition. The right nutrition, fed in a manner that they can digest, will lead to better hooves, a better state of mind, and ultimately better performance.

Aaron England showing at the NCHA Futurity riding Spoonfuls Supercat, In aVernon Purdy Saddle.

We advocate a high fiber hay diet, which we feed 24/7 from Nibble Nets. This allows the horse to have hay in front of them continuously, while slowing their consumption. We also feed a low starch formulated feed. We use Triple CrownŽ products and add iodized salt and minerals with joint supplements, which have been balanced to our hay through a hay analysis from Equi-Analytical Laboratories, . Our horses’ diet is a key component to their barefoot soundness.

Our natural hoof care professional is Riva England, with 20+ years of learning and working with many trimming professionals. Riva has been greatly influenced by Pete Ramey. She continually dedicates herself to further her knowledge and ability in natural hoof care.

All our horses in training and competing are barefoot. This is achieved through a physiologically correct trim and correct diet, based on science and the most current research of Dr. Eleanor Kellon, VMD.  and Dr. Robert Bowker VDM,



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